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Bringing Back the Feminine Divine


Just Me

 Most who know me agree I'm a B.I.T.C.H. That's to say Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charming, Hell of a woman and definitely a UNIQUE masterpiece in progress!
I'm a free-spirited, eclectic, independent, strong willed, quirky, creative, intelligent, optimistic, passionate, open minded, fiercely loyal, simple country girl/biker chick/hippie/geek/gypsy/artist/witch. I'm an empathic Aquarius & as such I'm a humanitarian, but can seem aloof. I'm a true Introvert iNtuitive Feeling Perceptive (INFP). I'm a dreamer, an idealistic philosopher. 


Why I Lead Circle

 I have social anxiety. As a child through my late 20s, I was extremely shy. Making friends was difficult and traumatic. I always related better to guys than girls. I made female friendships, but they never lasted long. I craved connection with women; to have female friends, sisterhood, but it wouldn’t happen. Women tended to instantly dislike me, were even hostile towards me or they didn’t want intruders to their click. I was tired of being around shrewish she-devils. I wanted compassionately supportive, loving sister-friends whom I felt safe sharing my thoughts, feelings, dreams, and the deepest parts of myself with them in all aspects of life – both good and bad. Those I could be my true and authentic self around. 

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What is Circle?

Creatively reinventing BITCH: bringing back the Feminine Divine by guiding women from shrew-ish she devil into Beautiful, Intuitive, Talented, Compassionate, Harmonious goddesses.

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Dragonfly Messages

Having social anxiety I want to... –be compassionately supported & loved everyday… whether good or bad. –feel safe being my authentic self. –share desires, thoughts, and feelings. As a woman, I... –crave connection to women; sisterhood. –need the physical contact; being able to touch, to hug my sisters. Come learn more about this non-judgmental, safe space. I'll delve deeper into how women are being seen, felt, and heard like never before and give you tips and tool to do it yourself. I'll send you love in sisterhood, meditations, rituals, celebrations, laughs, and ways to connect to other sisters, happenings, and events helping you to feel grounded, connected, rejuvenated, loved, and presen in your life.