Elizabeth Jo

Why I Lead Circle


 I have social anxiety. As a child through my late 20s, I was extremely shy. Making friends was difficult and traumatic. I always related better to guys than girls. I made female friendships, but they never lasted long. I craved connection with women; to have female friends, sisterhood, but it wouldn’t happen. Women tended to instantly dislike me, were even hostile towards me or they didn’t want intruders to their click. I was tired of being around shrewish she-devils. I wanted compassionately supportive, loving sister-friends whom I felt safe sharing my thoughts, feelings, dreams, and the deepest parts of myself with them in all aspects of life – both good and bad. Those I could be my true and authentic self around.
 Around 2013, I started hearing the call to lead women’s circles. I researched and tried to put something together, but life and health kept getting in the way. So I decided to focus on learning to live and celebrate my femininity: embracing my shakti and exploring creativity. Somewhere along the way, I found Tanya and Sistership Circle. It was what I was looking for so I thought, “What the hell, I’ll give it a try.”
 I started sitting in the weekly and monthly Sistership Circles Tanya offered in early November 2016. Curiosity brought me to circle looking to meet women and find sisterhood. I found that and so much more.   
 I loved being in circle. I finally found a place where I belonged. I finally found connection with compassionate, supportive, loving sisters. Circle allowed me to build friendships, find hope, get healing, believe my worthiness, and build confidence. So when given the opportunity to take facilitator training, I signed up and made it happen.   
 On April 5, 2017, I graduated the facilitator training and joined Sistership Circle’s Facilitator Tribe and have been there ever since. I knew I’d grown during the 12-week course, but didn’t realize how much until Tanya, Sharlene, and some other sisters mentioned how much they enjoyed watching me blossom f rom socially anxious to the first to volunteer.   
 Through Circle and Tribe, I’m blossoming into a beautiful shakti queen. Circle is where I can step confidently into expressing my true self, unique style, and feminine leadership. I continually receive healing; with every sistership interaction, my heart opens to give and receive love, compassion, and more of myself through my gifts.   
 Recently my sisters have helped me through a very challenging time: a breakup where I lost my best friend, two moves within six months, a family crisis, and facing some deeply buried shadows and grief.
 It’s taken me years, decades even, to totally face my grief. I’ve been in and out of counseling since I was a high school junior. Now I’m finding ways to face, work through, and process these in my own unique way. In facing and reviewing my Trail of Grief so far...   

  • 4 grandparents 
  • Great Aunt Thelma 
  • Both siblings (we lost Christopher, my baby brother at 15. He’d been a nonverbal paraplegic from a drowning accident when he was 2½. Billy died f rom Leukemia at 46.) 
  • Dad’s cousin Elena
  • Our 17 month old grandchild, died from a head injury.  
     And countless other losses...   
  • Buttons, my horse and love of my life, through a court battle.
  • 2 dogs and 2 ponies -1 that died, 1 I had to give up for the Colorado move.
  • 2 abusive marriages and many more relationships failures.    
    Facing my Trail of Grief has given me clarity and shown me how loss is a huge part in my story. It revealed how important facing grief, death, and dying is to our health and well being. This insight gave direction to my circles. I realized I’m passionate about bringing a feminine, creative approach to discussing death, dying, grief, dispelling myths, and learning to live life after. I’m here to bring death, dying, and grief out of the graveyard shadows into the light of love making them un-taboo and safe to talk about.
    Finding this sense of purpose, growing as a feminine leader, and finally feeling f ree to be my authentic self is the gift of circle. I am so grateful. 

Just Me


 Most who know me agree I'm a B.I.T.C.H. That's to say Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charming, Hell of a woman and definitely a UNIQUE masterpiece in progress!
I'm a free-spirited, eclectic, independent, strong willed, quirky, creative, intelligent, optimistic, passionate, open minded, fiercely loyal, simple country girl/biker chick/hippie/geek/gypsy/artist/witch. I'm an empathic Aquarius & as such I'm a humanitarian, but can seem aloof. I'm a true Introvert iNtuitive Feeling Perceptive (INFP). I'm a dreamer, an idealistic philosopher.

I enjoy making people think & say hmmmmmmm... WARNING: I call `em like I see `em; I may just offend you or piss you off.

I'm always in flux and so very multi-dimensional physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I love animals, nature, learning new things, art, books, and reading. I enjoy so many different things that I couldn't possibly list them all here... from a motorcycle rally to horseback riding; from museums to rock concerts; from meditation to night clubs; from the symphony to the latest X-Men movie; dinner by the fireplace to dinner at a 5-star restaurant...

I believe all things in nature have a spirit and life of its own and that karma will catch up with us... if not in this lifetime, then in a future one. 

Currently I'm enjoying downtown living in Casper, Wyoming USA. I'm a proud puppy mom to my 9 year old Shiba Inu, Kemu (pronounced "KEY -moo), Apartment life really encourages us to bask in the outdoors on our daily walks and outings to the river. I'm engaged to the love of my life, soulmate. Kenny is the Moon of My Life and I can't wait until he returns home!

Elizabeth Jo Otto


 Elizabeth Jo Otto your hostess, guide, and fellow griever for A Walk in Hades.  Loss and trauma being part of her story since toddlerhood. Surviving the traumatic deaths of her two siblings and a grandchild, two abusive marriages, losing pets (best friends), ripped away from a lifestyle, to who she was dying. For years she's buried grief deep within. A graduate of Sistership Circle's How to Lead Circle she now guides people through discussions on death, dying, and grief helping them befriend death and new reality after trauma making the subject un-taboo. 

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