What Is Circle?

A Sacred Space

My Circle is an experimental conclave. A non-judgmental and safe gathering delving deep into the abyss our shadow-selves allowing you to be seen, felt, and heard like never before. A healing space where you will experience meditating, releasing, building connection, and receiving compassionate support.You'll leave feeling grounded, supported, connected, reconnected to life, and hopeful. 

My dear friend and sister circle facilitator, ,  beautifully describes what circle is to her in her article Healing the Sister Wound One Circle at a Time...

"Circle is about coming together with other women and allowing ourselves to be seen and to be truly seen when our world is not perfect and we’re processing our shit.  It’s about coming together with other women and truly seeing them..in their perfection and imperfection….allowing other women the space to show up with all they’ve got going on.  Celebrating with them when it’s time to brag on themselves.  Crying with them when it’s time to release the hurt and pain.  Holding them up, reflecting their greatness, power and beauty back to them."

My circles begin with an opening ceremony preparing each of us to enter circle, creating sacred space and invoking the Goddess. Then, we do introductions/getting to know each other activity. After the theme is introduced and we get into the depths of circle work. Ending with a closing ceremony to thank he Goddess, release the sacred space, and transition us back into the “real” world.


Sibling, Join My Clan!